Pressure on liberal bail fund after freed man soon murders

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The liberal organization called The Portland Freedom Fund (which believes in the abolition of prisons) helped post bail for a man named, Mohamed Adan, who was jailed for domestic violence over his ex-girlfriend.  Adan had also been charged previously with strangling and assaulting another person earlier this year. Adan had also been arrested for cutting off his GPS monitor.

The girlfriend said at the time, he was planning on killing her.

Upon release, the police report that the suspect went and strangled and murdered the woman.

Portland Freedom Fund posted the $2,000 bail, but now the District Attorney wants the group to pay the full amount $20,000 because the suspect violated the terms of the bail by murdering someone.

KGW found out that 39 of 67 people freed on bail by the Portland Freedom Fund ended up violating their release agreement or that they never showed up to court.

Read more on the case here.

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