Senator blasts Brown over never-ending emergency orders

By Senator Linthicum Press Release,

Senator Dennis Linthicum (R-Klamath Falls) issued a statement about Governor Kate Brown extending her emergency orders under the guise of COVID-19 safety measures, even as COVID-19 is undergoing a dramatic decline in Oregon.

Senator Linthicum said:

“The COVID-19 ‘emergency’ is over. However, Governor Kate Brown’s unconstitutional government overreach and unscientific emergency orders that undermine Oregonians at every turn will be continuing. The never-ending emergency declarations create a perpetual excuse for bureaucratic expansion that robs Oregonians of their livelihoods and forces every person to adapt to a lower quality of life.

“If Gov. Brown truly ‘followed the science’, Oregonians would not be subjected to these bogus emergency orders which grant the governor the power to decree the closures of industries, schools and daily life on a whim and under the guise of ‘safety’.

“The statistics show that seasonal influenza has all but disappeared in Oregon as every sniffle, cold and headache has been lumped into the COVID-19 money-pot. They say the flu has disappeared due to masking and social distancing, yet in the same breath we are told we need to be doing more including wearing two or three masks. It doesn’t make sense, but that is the point. Gov. Brown and her cronies continue to instill chaos and concern to maintain unchecked power. This is not an idle accusation. Right now, our national COVID-19 effort has cost more than our entire experience in World War II, while COVID-19 antibody testing data suggests the case fatality rate is far lower than reported. These data suggest there are far better ways to keep people from dying than full-scale draconian lockdowns.

“It is time for Oregonians to stand against Gov. Brown’s power-hungry emergency orders that needlessly infringe on our communities, shutter our businesses and lead to the destruction of livelihoods and our society.”