Does anyone understand Portland’s new campaign rules? (open inquiry)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

There are organizations that wish to participate and share their opinions in Portland and Multnomah County candidate races this election, but are bewildered by the brand new triple level campaign finance rules.   There is the State Election requirements, and then there are the new Portland (and separate) Multnomah County election requirements.  There are different requirements for a traditional Political Action Committee and for a new small donor Political Action Committee category.

Our offices called CPA’s in the Portland Metro area and we found that they did not understand the rules and did not want to expand into such a complicated area.   Existing Political Action Committee treasurers, who understand the state election rules, declined to help because of the burden of learning a new system.

We called the County Election Office and they were very limited on the answers they could provide.   The new law is vague and poorly written, so it hamstrings Election Officials in their ability to help.

The path ahead is full of unanswered questions, complexities and serious campaign violations if you dare make an honest mistake.

So we feel compelled to issue a public announcement “Does any accountant in Oregon understand Portland and Multnomah County’s new triple level accounting candidate finance law?”  If yes, then please contact us below because other organizations are inquiring as well: