Chart shows Brown-Kotek spiking business tax $$

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

When Tina Kotek became House Speaker and Kate Brown became Governor they helped pass scores of new businesses taxes.  As the chart shows, as measured by corporate excise taxes collections it more than doubled and soared well above historic levels.

What have those high business taxes done?

Portland’s economic recovery scored 60 out of 62 cities.

For the first time, more people are fleeing Oregon than moving into the State.

Kotek-Brown’s Corporate Activities Tax destroyed the entire Bi-Mart pharmacy chain as described by the business itself.

Columbia Steel also closed its doors, laid off 200+ jobs and blamed high business taxes one of the main reasons.

Kotek-Brown’s hospital/health care taxes has caused ruin to hospitals, as one major hospital Asante’ Rogue Regional closed losing 400= employees, and other hospitals losing $317 million in revenue in 2022 alone.

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