Need economic stimulus? Don’t forget your $739 Kicker Refund

People forgetting to claim their $739 Kicker refund
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,
& Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Our office sent out a postcard reminding Oregonians not to forget to collect their Oregon Kicker Income Tax Refund ($739 average). We were surprised at the response of many people who had indeed forgotten.

During this economic shutdown it is more important than ever to claim your Constitutionally protected Kicker Income Tax Refund.

Consider this response we received this week:

“Thanks for your postcard regarding the Kicker refund. My tax preparer did not pick that item up on their program. You saved me $1,024.00”

Another couple called into our office who in the past few years moved into Oregon from Michigan and had never heard about the Kicker Income Tax Refund and missed it when they filed their taxes. They are now re-amending their Oregon tax returns to claim it.

Many Oregonians are still expecting to get a Kicker Income Tax Refund check in the mail like the good old days, but the politicians killed that program to save money. Now you have to claim it or lose it.

If you are an Oregon income taxpayer, you may be eligible for a Kicker Income Tax Refund. Oregon law states that when Oregon’s State Government over-collects tax revenue beyond 2% forecast, they must return it to taxpayers who over-paid.  Click here for more info.

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