Where in the world is Kate Brown?

By Oregon House Republican Caucus,

SALEM, Ore.— Governor Kate Brown is skipping town ahead of President Biden’s visit to Oregon this week to campaign for struggling Democrats. Brown announced yesterday she will lead a trade mission to Japan and South Korea to promote economic growth while Oregon is facing soaring inflation and the price of gas has reached an all-time high of $5.54.


One must ask why a lame duck Governor would leave the state 25 days ahead of the election, with the President visiting, to travel to Asia on the taxpayer dime when Oregonians are paying premiums at the pump and the grocery store.


Oregon House Republican Political Director Dru Draper: “I don’t think anyone is surprised that Kate Brown planned to spend two weeks out of the country right before the election. She’s the least popular governor in the nation. She’s a liability for Democrats across the state. She’s decided to step aside and let Joe Biden attempt to save the day. Biden’s not much more popular than her. He won’t be able to explain away the impact his policies are having on Oregonians.”


KOIN6 shared details of Brown’s trip: “Gov. Brown will spend a total of 12 days visiting Japan and South Korea, alongside representatives from the agriculture, tourism, higher education, apparel, technology and manufacturing industries. …Due to her trip, the governor will miss President Biden’s trip to Portland. Biden is expected to arrive in the Rose City on Friday afternoon. ‘The Governor will already have left for Asia on Friday, but she wishes the President the very best during his visit to Oregon,’ Brown’s office told KOIN 6 News. ‘The dates for this trade mission were set many weeks in advance, and well in advance of the White House’s announcement of his visit.’”


President Biden’s itinerary includes stumping for Democrat Governor candidate Tina Kotek and giving a speech on the economy, which will highlight “lowering costs for American families.”  However, Oregonians do not need the President to tell them about rising costs as they live with the cost of Biden and Brown’s failed policies every day.


House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson issued the following statement: “Governor Brown is running away from President Biden’s failed agenda and her own. Oregonians are fed up with historically high gas prices, budget busting grocery bills and failed Democrat leadership. On November 8th, Oregonians will vote for a new direction and a welcome change to Oregon.”