Oregon unions panic, scramble to fix bad news

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Several bad news items have hit Oregon unions and their endorsed political candidates this month.

Emergency money dump:  Oregon Democratic Governor candidate Tina Kotek has fallen behind front-runner Christine Drazan in four different polls, forcing the unions to cough up a quick million dollar donation (SEIU) on top of their previous half-million donation.  Usually Oregon government union funds get collected in Oregon and shipped to other states to help push liberal candidates.  Now, it appears people are trying to rescue Oregon.

Top Union Candidate collapses: Oregon unions made an extremely controversial pick by endorsing Portland Commissioner and “Defund the police” super-star Jo Ann Hardesty.  This choice pitted traditional unions (AFSCME, SEIU, UFCW, Portland Assoc. Teachers) against the police unions who lost 100 staff under Hardesty and the firefighters’ union which backed her opponent.  Hardesty is behind in the polls at 24%.

• Two union-backed Congressional candidates falling behind:  Both union backed candidates for US Congress #5 (Jamie Mcleod Skinner) and #6 (Andrea Salinas) have slipped, reflecting that national forecasters have put the race into undecided “toss-up” category.

• Bad news: Unions helped to bankrupt the liberal immigration non-profit they were employed by causing everyone to lose their jobs.  Also, workers at Hillsboro New Season rejected forming a union.  Also, unions got much bad press when the Willamette Week reported that they have been trying to protect Oregon employees who work out-of-state and charge taxpayers for the time traveling.

Tina Kotek also appears to be panicking:

Gov. Brown is toxic:   Kotek has made news as she has been hiding her endorsements on her website by Governor Kate Brown and two controversial Democrat figures.  Oregon Governor Kate Brown was rated as America’s most disliked Governor two years in a row.

• Tina Kotek cast shade on Governor Brown during the debates:


So unfortunate, because Governor Kate Brown and Tina Kotek have passed so many taxes together


President Biden is coming to Portland to help rescue Tina Kotek and the failing Congressional candidates


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