5 reasons Oregon voter turnout is so low

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon voter turnout so far has been 7.^% compared to this point in 2018 of 8.8%

Why is this?

• Confusing state ballot measures: There are a few over-complicated ballot measures on the state ballot.  The measure banning walk-outs delves into certain details that most Oregonians are unfamiliar with.   The gun control measure contains very long text and has all sorts of provisions the media is not talking about, making among the most puzzling and also the nation’s most restrictive gun control measure.

• Tina Kotek is boring and unpopular.  During the past few weeks Kotek has been distancing herself from Gov. Kate Brown and even slamming her in public.  This is a sign that her own voter base don’t want to check her voter box and are taking more time.

•  Tight margins:  The gun control measures polls at 51%.   The governor’s race has been polling within 1-3% point margin (Drazan ahead).  These point to a really divided and strained electorate.

•  New faces: For the first time in a long time there are three congressional races with all new faces running as incumbents as they have retired or were bounced out.   Oregon has an entirely new Congressional seat.  Those new faces came with a lot of national spending.

• Portland ballot madness:  Both Portland and Multnomah County are pushing ranked choice voting (on the ballot) which is extremely complicated to explain.   Portland has a charter reform ballot measure that includes a mountain of unrelated special interest ideas that has created a divided City Council on the campaign trail.

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