Despite recession, Gov’t goes on swimming pool tax frenzy

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The politicians don’t seem to care that we are in a recession.

The politicians don’t seem to care that we are facing a 40-year high inflation crisis.

These politicians want their government swimming pools and they are willing to ignore the crime wave and failing student test schools to focus on less pressing needs such as government run swimming pools.

Here are the local property tax increases on the ballot to fund swimming pools.

• $6 million for a swimming pool in John Day/Canyon City (Local Ballot Measure 12-85).
• $2.5 million to run the Madras Aquatic Center for five years. (Local Ballot Measure 16-104)
• $1.375 million to run the Silverton swimming pool for five years. (Local Ballot Measure 24-473)
• $1 million or more as part of a $40+ million recreation facility in Redmond (Local Ballot Measure 9-150).

The Taxpayer Association is opposing many of these pool property taxes as we feel local politicians need to focus on more pressing issues, prioritize taxpayer resources, learn to ask for less and to learn to live with the property taxes that they have.

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