Portland approves 4th tax hike to fight poverty

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


In 2016, Portland City Council passed a $ 2.5 million CEO tax to fund programs for homeless people.

In 2018, Portland voters approved a massive $70 million business tax (Measure 26-201) to fund projects to fight poverty, help with housing, poor neighborhood community centers and economic justice.

In 2018, Portlanders and Metro voters approved a massive $650 million property tax bond (Measure 26-199) to fund affordable housing.

Now in 2020, Portlanders and Metro voters approved a massive quarter billion income tax and business tax (26-210) to help fund homelessness.

At this rate, Portland may end up deciding to  announce their annual poverty-fighting tax every year at Groundhog’s Day as a new annual tradition.

Also at this taxing rate, the politicians may have completely taxed the entire city 100% into poverty by 2050 — except for those private businesses that do businesses with the government, sell things to the government or receive taxpayers funds from the government.

Around 2019, homelessness declined in most states but increased in Oregon.  Let that sink in.


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