Overwhelmed cops can’t answer 911 calls, why add 1/4 million new gun permits? (No on 114)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Liberals are actively de-funding police in Oregon while at the same time loading police officers with more paperwork to do.

Police in Portland and rural Oregon simply cannot respond to many 911 calls for certain crimes.

Now liberals are pushing Ballot Measure 114 which may send up to a quarter million gun owners to police stations to process a brand new super-intrusive and lengthy permit process (in addition to the existing background check system and existing concealed license permit).   This new permit is mandatory for new firearm purchases.  Because Measure 114 outlaws many of the rifles and handguns in possession, tens of thousands of gun owners will need to purchase new “compliant” firearms which will backload the permitting process even more.

Oregon is experiencing a crime wave of historic proportions.

The priority should be safety first — not bureaucracy first.

Most firearms used by criminals in a crime are not purchased outright (they are stolen, illegal sales, etc..), so Measure 114 would hamper both legal gun owners and police stations and statistically have very small impact on actual crime and actual criminals.   It is a lose-lose for citizens and police and a win for criminals.

This is why we recommend a No vote on Ballot Measure 114.


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