Hospitals $317M in red, why pass #111 to bleed them more?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The latest data show that Oregon hospitals suffered $317 million in loses.  Now liberal politicians aim to pass Ballot Measure 111 which will mandate that health care be cheap in Oregon.

Right now, health care is affordable enough that hospitals are losing $317 million, firing staff and facing bankruptcy in some cases.

One major Oregon hospital already closed.

Measure 111 if passed will spur massive lawsuits by people looking to attack hospitals and use the legal weapon to force them to provide services at less cost as they are now (even though many are not making enough to pay the bills).    The courts are a terrible way to fix a complex problem.  And mandates are a terrible way to arrive at solutions.

Voters should reject Measure 111 and work for positive solutions to HELP hospitals and not HURT them.