Kotek-Brown photo that best defines our era

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Governor Kate Brown and then-House Speaker Tina Kotek were brutal at forcing Oregonians to endure Covid rules more restrictive/less flexible/more costly than most of America only to find out that they themselves both didn’t follow the rules.

This defines our era.

Kotek-Brown passed laws allowing homeless encampments to break the rules that everyone else has to live by.

Kotek slow-walked State Capitol investigations that made her look bad, because the rules protecting people do not apply if you upset the Speaker.

Governor Brown didn’t get her Carbon Tax passed, so she broke the rules by enacting her own version using and abusing her Executive Power.   Who needs publci hearings or a publci vote when you are the Governor — you just do it all on your own.

Oregon is experiencing genuine corruption where the rules apply to evryone except the people in the highest office of power.

If you vote Tina Kotek for Governor you will get more the same corruption.

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