This Independent Party candidate did better than Betsy

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This was the year to test out Independents.

Former Republican State Representative Rich Vial, ran as an Independent Party candidate for Senate.   Rich received 10% of the vote.  Betsy at 8.6%.  Both independent candidates were able to raise a healthy amount of funds (Betsy $14 million, Vial at $115,000 for a Senate Race).

It will be interesting to see what these two candidates will do next.

Here are the latest election return numbers:

55% – Wlnsvey Campos
10% – Rich Vial
33% – Kim Rice

56% – Tina Kotek
43%-  Christien Drazan
8.6% – Betsy johnson
0.4% – Donice Noelle Smith (Constitution)
0.33% – Leon Noble (Libertarian)

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