Kotek’s 36 county ‘Unify Oregon’ tour off to bad start

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor elect, Tina Kotek, pledged to unify Oregon with a 36 county tour.

Kotek stated, “I will visit every county in Oregon in my first year in office” and “Three of my overarching goals for my 1st year in office will be: Building trust across Oregon. Increasing accountability & oversight in state government to improve customer service. Encouraging new and more robust intergovernmental & private sector partnerships.”

To demonstrate statewide unity in the past few weeks Kotek has…

• Decided to not answer any tough questions from the media (e.g. Lars Larson).

Made Governor Brown’s top aide, Andrea Cooper, as her own chief of staff.  The top aide who helped Gov. Brown divide Oregon will be the one to now unify Oregon?

• Renewed her public pledge a few days ago to declare a homeless state of emergency … despite calling for a homeless state of emergency nearly three years ago (OPB 1/10/20).   Kotek is just recycling press releases to a state in crisis.

The new Governor looks a lot like the old Governor.

Look below on how they, as Governor and then-House Speaker, raised business tax revenue together during their reign.   It is a sign of more to come.


Tina Kotek and Kate Brown didn’t follow their own Covid rules before… will Kotek start doing it now?


The Oregonian warned us about Tina Kotek’s past corruption problems in their endorsement.  Will anything change?


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Photo from Pendleton Round-up event earlier this year