Cartoon: Homeless get 10x more rights than you

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

In Portland the Homeless are favored over the disabled.

Portland’s disabled community filed a lawsuit against the City of Portland because they can no longer use the sidewalks due to hundreds of homeless tent camps and garbage dumps on sidewalks and street parking areas.

Could a disabled person walk down this Portland sidewalk?

Homeless people are effectively allowed to violate trespassing laws, building codes, noise ordinances, fire codes, and nuisance laws.

And homeless don’t pay taxes on their street-side black markets.  Below is a photo of a side street black market in California.  This is where all the shoplifting items go to be sold.


The local government’s response is to reward homeless by handing out 21,000 brand new (in the box) tents and 60,000 tarps.  They also handed out free $500 cash loaded debit cards.


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