State investigates $500K Dem donation tied to scandal

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

OPB notes, “Oregon’s Secretary of State is also investigating whether there was any wrongdoing surrounding a $500,000 contribution from the company to the state Democratic party. Secretary of State Shemia Fagan asked the Elections Division to take a closer look at the donation after The Oregonian/OregonLive reported the contribution was not actually from Prime Trust, which is how Democratic Party officials reported it on their campaign finance filings. Instead, Prime Trust was merely a pass-through and the donation really came from Nishad Singh, a former FTX director of engineering. …It’s a felony to make a campaign contribution under a false name. The Elections Division is looking into three likely options, according to Morris: whether Singh misled members of the Democratic Party when the donation was made, whether someone within the Oregon Democratic Party posted the contribution fraudulently or whether it was an honest mistake.”

Note: Giving a donation under a false name is a felony.  People go to jail for this.

Tina Kotek is avoiding Lars Larson’s questions over her accepting money connected to these groups.

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