No Kotek free pass in 2023 … how you can help

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As seen above, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon started our first cartoon social commentary on (then House Speaker) Tina Kotek way back in 2013.

We’ve been doing it ever since.

Here are some recent creations…



No mask while Oregonians under indoor mask rule.


Parody political ad if Kotek told the truth.



As 2023 starts, we know based on history that Governor elect Tina Kotek is more aggressive, more liberal, more ambitious and more ethically creative than Governor Kate Brown.   This means things will get worse unless we take charge.


Please invest in 2023 Capital Watchdog efforts…


Make a free Oregon Political tax Credit donation.  You can get 100% of your donation back (up to $50 person/ $100 couple). You get it back.  Some income limits apply. If you don’t use it you will lose it.

• Make a charitable tax deduction donation to Taxpayers Association Foundation.

• Give where most needed.  Donations to Taxpayers Association of Oregon (501c4) are not tax deductible but is where we need it the most as we do active grassroots lobbying in the State Capitol, local governments and ballot measures..

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