DeSantis: 20% cop raises, $5K bonus hire (It’s illegal in Oregon)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis State of the State address declared that he is giving police a 20% raise. DeSantis is also offering a $5,000 hiring bonus to hire new police officers.

Offering such hiring bonuses is illegal in Oregon under a new 2022 law.   Oregon politicians said hiring bonuses are against equity and must be outlawed.  The one exception in the Oregon law allows hiring bonuses to be distributed only if all existing employees get the hiring bonus — which is unrealistic for most businesses.

Consider the fact that police departments in Tennessee are offering up to $15,000 hiring bonuses.   Alabama offers $5,000.

Maybe Oregon, in the middle of a police staffing crisis that began before the pandemic, should not outlaw success by making hiring bonuses illegal.

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