Brown puts on ‘Metal underpants’ to ‘save lives’, release more criminals

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Down to the very last few hours of her term, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown made public a list of the most recent people to receive clemency, of which 10 criminals with life sentences may now have a chance for early release. The information of her total pardon/commutation efforts is being made at the last minute to avoid any scutiny on her watch. These decisions were made in secret and they are quietly made in public in the most secretive way as possible.

The Oregonian quotes Governor Brown, “[clemency is an] “incredibly useful tool to correct injustices… I have to put on my metal underpants on a regular basis…These are the types of people that we are giving a second chance to.  It is an opportunity, I think, to save lives and eventually save the world and we all have to engage with every fiber of our being in this work.”


Brown pardons a 53 felony criminal from prison. He strikes again.



Remember, December was liberal pro-crime month.


We archived 10 times Governor Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler gave into demands of rioters.





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