HB 2738 unloads monthly “unrestricted” tax cash to poor (addicts?)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Newly introduced HB 2738 would create a new guaranteed income program in the state where lower-income people get free cash gifts from the State Government.  The bill reads “Requires Department of Human Services to study the feasibility of establishing guaranteed in-come program in this state. Directs department to submit findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly”

The bill states that it is interested in “a program that provides an unrestricted and unconditional cash payment to individuals who are members of a targeted population to meet basic needs…”   That means people could use these “unrestricted” and “unconditional” funds to offset expenses in order to buy more alcohol, more fentanyl, more meth, more heroin, more cryptocurrency, more online gambling, more video poker and so forth.  There is no safety mechanism to prevent people from using free money to support their addiction that caused them to fall into poverty in the first place.  Oregon is a top addiction state on many levels.

Even worse, when government starts handing out mass free cash, without “restrictions” or “conditions” it begins to interfere with local charities and addiction recovery efforts.   This may cause people in recovery to stop going to a charity that requires as a condition of benefits (1) counseling (2) drug-testing (3) home visits and (4)weekly gatherings.  Now addicts can get it all for free from the government — at your expense.   Your tax dollars are being used to keep people addicted.

The Bill says, “Whereas for many Oregonians, making ends meet has only gotten harder in recent years…”  Yes!  very true.  This is because of non-stop tax raising by Oregon politicians.

How can Oregonians make ends meet when politicians are taxing away the little money they have and then taxing the products they need to buy to survive?

Look at the chart below.   Oregon is among the top 10 most expensive “cost of living states” in America.


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