After Brown frees 1000 criminals, Bill to require Senate approval

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Kate Brown, during her term as Governor helped to extend pardons and commutations to over 1,000 inmates, allowing these criminals to be released before their time and before parole board recommendations.

Kate Brown also reduced the penalty for 100% of all death row inmates — including serial killers.

Now comes House Joint Resolution 10 which would require the Governor to get Senate approval.   HJR 10 reads Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to require approval by majority of Senate of any pardon or commutation of felony conviction. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election”

The bill is primarily sponsored by State Representative Marks Owens, State Senator Findley along with State Representatives Jami Cate, James Hieb, Bobby Levy, Rick Lewis, Lily Morgan, Anna Scharf, Boomer Wright and at the request of State Representative Kevin Mannix.



Governor Brown released this criminal early only for him to break in and rob another businesses within weeks of his release.


Under Governor Brown, 100% of criminals were vaccinated before half of Oregon senior citizens were.



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