“We’re not Oregon” Georgia AG on riot

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


A wave of very destructive riots broke out in Atlanta.

The Post Millennial reports that the Georgia Attorney General, Chris Carr, made a statement targeting the rioters for prosecution and saying…

“This isn’t Oregon, we’re not Washington, we’re not New York or California. If you come here, if you commit violent acts against our citizens, against law enforcement officers, we’re going to hold you accountable and I am proud that our office is taking the lead,”

Whoa! … this is similar to just a few months ago when a Florida Sheriff mentioned Portland among a list of cities in a press conference that they were not going to follow into a soft-on-crime path to civil ruin.  He said at the time, “Here is one of our favorite places, Portland Oregon. You can set up a C.H.O.P. zone there and just not let the cops come in.  Do you know how long there would be a C.H.O.P. zone in Polk County? (laughter) As long as it takes me to drive back there from here.”

Sad that Oregon is known nationally for not enforcing the law.

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