Kotek: Fix homeless by paying everyone’s rent ($87M)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has a $130 million plan to end homelessness in Oregon.  It includes spending as much as $87 million of rental assistance for 8,750 people and $54 million to re-house 1,200 people by paying their rent and leases.

Remember, Tina Kotek as House Speaker passed one of the nation’s strictest rent control, which caused rent to spike and landlords to quit the business which led to a supply shortage (and you guessed it … more rent increases).

Kotek has passed billions in higher taxes and fees, which have driven up the cost of living, putting Oregon in the top 10 most costly states in America.

Now, Governor Tina Kotek wants taxpayers to pay for people’s rents and leases to help them afford the new high cost liberal utopia she has built.

Kotek has not rolled out the taxes yet (her budget comes out next month), but taxes follow big spending proposals caused by the problems of taxes and bad regulations like rent control.

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