Cheri Helt endorsed by both Drazan, Johnson

By Cheri Helt for BOLI

Press Release,

I am honored to announce two huge endorsements! Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson have BOTH endorsed me for BOLI Commissioner. I am so proud to have the endorsement of BOTH governor candidates who are running to get Oregon back on track.

Their endorsements demonstrate the momentum my candidacy has with voters of both political parties, or no party at all. Christine is a Republican and former minority leader in the Oregon House of Representatives. Betsy is a former Democrat state senator now running as a non-affiliated candidate for governor.

I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of these two strong women! I stand with Christine Drazan AND Betsy Jonhson are campaigning to fix Oregon’s homeless, crime and drug crises, and bring much-needed balance and competence to our state government.

We cannot get our state back on track without working with Oregonians of all political parties, or no party at all. As BOLI Commissioner, I will fight every day for small businesses and to create opportunities for working Oregonians. Oregon’s working families and small businesses simply cannot afford more of the same failed policies out of BOLI, or any other state agency.

I am proud of many other endorsements as well. You can see the growing list on my website at, and sign up there to add your name!