Photo best sums up Kotek’s housing fix

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Some would look at this picture and say the problem is to fix the drying machine while others would say the problem is a lack of heat.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek doesn’t see a broken housing system, but rather a problem that more money (heat) could solve.

Oregon’s housing crisis is because…

1. State-based Urban Growth Boundary (only few in nation). This severely limits land to build, causing supply shortage, causing prices to rise
2. $100,000 government housing permits.  Government permits help add nearly $100,000 to the cost of a home.
3. High property taxes.  Oregon’s high property taxes make it hard to keep your home.
4. (More) high property taxes.  On average politicians push a billion dollars in higher property taxes on the local level every election year.
5. Government buys up land and lets it rot.  It is bad enough that most of the property in Oregon is owned by various government bodies, but they continue to buy up even more land, and sometimes do nothing with it.
6. High cost of living.  Oregon is a top 10 cost-of-living state which is a direct result of across-the-board tax increases (gas taxes, cell taxes, hotel taxes, business taxes, income taxes, property taxes, meal taxes, hundred of fee increases) which make it hard to meet everyday expenses.
7. Spend billions trying to fix the problem which only adds to the cost of living.  Oregon has already committed over billion dollars to build cheap homes, and it is not working.  Now Governor Tina Kotek wants to spend ANOTHER billion for affordable housing and for paying people’s rent.  If the first BILLION didn’t work, do you really think another BILLION will work?

The problem is not a lack of money but an abundance of harmful taxes, red-tape and policies.

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