Tucker Carlson covers Portland Antifa goat attack story

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

On Friday Feb 10, #1 cable news show, Tucker Carlson, did a segment on the story of Portland’s Belmont goats.   This non-profit animal charity was next to a very large illegal homeless encampment that was set for a city sweep.  Anarchists and others (with tell-tale signs of Antifa) falsely blamed the innocent goat farm for the city eviction order of the illegal homeless camp and proceeded at  night to tear down the fence and let the goats escape as an act of revenge.  They left a long note attacking the Belmont Goat non-profit and signed their letter from “fellow anarchists”.

When KGW-TV did a story on the incident the day after, a fight broke out within the homeless camp.  Gun fire was heard followed by screams.  KGW-TV found themselves in the middle of a crime scene.  Read more here.

The Belmont goats have set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for the damage.