Anarchists free goats, TV crew witness gunfire, screams

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Portland’s KGW-TV 8 was in the middle of a news story about the homeless and a goat farm when a fight erupted followed by gunshots and screams.

The news crew became part of the witnesses to the crime as they were interviewed by police.

The story involved suspected anarchists who cut an owner’s fence and let the owner’s goats out over a protest of homeless camps being targeted for sweeping near her operation.  A note left by anarchist (and signed by some anarchists”) said homeless camp sweeping was “murderous” and also said “In what reality is the comfort of five goats valued over the shelter of more than fifteen people…So, it’s time for the Belmont Goats to enjoy a little walk in the park.”

The goats were part of a non-profit organization that uses goats to help people relax and connect with nature.  Their website says “Portland’s nonprofit resident herd, offering an oasis of rural community amidst the built, urban environment since 2012.”  Now these goats are engulfed in Portland’s crime spree.

Follow video below for more.



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