OLCC director binge drinks at booze conference, hospitalized.

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By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


In the media’s words;

The Oregonian reports, “The director of Oregon’s distilled spirits program became so intoxicated while drinking shots and playing cornhole with his boss at a national liquor conference that he was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning…The incident took place in October 2019 during the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association Administrators Conference in Denver. Attendees included regulators from states like Oregon that exert monopolies over some or all aspects of alcohol distribution or sales…referring to deputy director Higlin and Mayton. ‘Chris could not stop himself. … Hotel staff called 911.’ ‘The rest of us including Brian were telling them to slow down,’Schuette texted.”

Jack Bog’s Blog notes…not mentioned in the O story is the fact that Mayton was the OLCC’s interim chief financial officer for six months, and that was after his bad night in Denver. At least that’s what his LinkedIn page says. Then he went back to scoring high-end booze for the connected people, apparently.There’s a criminal investigation supposedly under way about Bourbongate. But I suspect there’s a lot more than that going on inside…”

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