Bill Bans: Kangaroo shoes, packing peanuts, vape flavors

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Several bills have been introduced int he Legislature to ban many legal items and products.

A Kangaroo parts ban bill has been introduced.  The aim is to ban shoe makers from using coveted kangaroo leather in their footwear for athletes.  NIKE uses it in some of their shoes.  The draft bill reads, “Creates crime of unlawful kangaroo exchange. Punishes by maximum of 364 days’ imprisonment, $6,250 fine, or both. Adds crime to list of circumstances declared to be nuisance per se and to list of offenses for which instrumentalities of crime may be criminally forfeited.”

HB 3090 would ban the sale of flavored vaping in Oregon.  It reads Prohibits distributing, selling, attempting to sell or allowing to be sold flavored inhalant delivery system product or flavored tobacco product in this state”  Once banned, Oregonians would then buy it online from China and Mexico.

SB 543 would ban foam products like packign peanuts and to-go containers. It reads Prohibits food vendor from using polystyrene foam container in sales of prepared food. Prohibits food vendor from providing single-use foodware containers to consumer unless foodware containers meet certain criteria. Prohibits person from selling or distributing polystyrene foam containers or polystyrene foam packaging peanuts. Prohibits person from selling or distributing foodware containers containing perfluoroalkyl or polyfluoroalkyl substances. Prohibitions become operative January 1, 2025. Establishes civil penalties for violations. Directs Department of Environmental Quality to establish certification program for compostable products.”

A Lawmaker no-family staff bill would make it illegal for lawmakers to hire their staff.  15 lawmakers currently do.