$24 billion speed train to Eugene … at 250mph?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


House Bill 2691 would build a speed train from Seattle to Eugene.

OPB reports, “A bill introduced in the Oregon Legislature would require Oregon to insist that the envisioned Portland-to-Seattle-to-Vancouver, B.C. bullet train include service all the way to Eugene…The argument against extending the bullet train to Salem, Albany and Eugene is that the ridership south of Portland would be insufficient to justify the extra cost.A feasibility study completed in 2017 pegged the cost of building a Vancouver-Seattle-Portland bullet train at between $24 billion to $42 billion dollars depending on how much tunneling is involved.”

When the politicians built a train from Beaverton to Wilsonville, it has costed nearly a $100 million dollars and was over-budget and under-used.  In fact, today it only carries  on average 800+ people yet the train soaks taxpayers to subsidize it and it causes big traffic delays for people driving cars waiting for the slow train to cross through each town.

Portland spent billions for several light rail trains, only for the percentage of people using transportation to drop lower.

House Bill 2691 title reads, “Provides that any agreement related to providing ultra-high-speed ground transportation in this state must include service to Eugene. Prohibits Department of Transportation from expending in any biennium more than 50 percent, or $1 million, whichever is less, of moneys available to department for passenger rail service, on ultra-high-speed ground transportation. “

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