Realtor exits Portland over shot-up office

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Real estate developer and lifelong Portland native, Dustin Michael Miller shared his experience on Fox & Friends about walking into his office to discover bullet holes had penetrated the glass close to where he would normally sit while working.

“If I was here [the bullets would] be in the back of my head right now,” he said in an Instagram video.

This incident is a reminder that the violence and lawlessness in Portland could happen to anyone. Since the lockdowns and summer of riots in 2020, Portland has experienced record-high homicides and crime, and Oregon decriminalized the use hard drugs. According to 2022 data, Portland has an estimated 5,228 people sleeping on the streets on any given night.

Miller said Saturday’s incident is a reminder that the city’s violence can happen to anyone and slammed Portland leaders for pushing policies that allow criminals to “do whatever they want.”

Despite a people leaving Portland in droves, Miller said he has yet to see a decline in business, but remains fearful that a decline could be on the horizon.

Here is an example of a Portland home shot up over 20 times by random strangers on last year’s New Year’s night.

Here is how one business closed leaving this note after being broken into a dozen times.

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