No SB 704. No government takeover of Oregon health care

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

SB 704 is up for a hearing today.   This bill helps paves the way for government takeover of our state health care.

Here is one example of how much it could raise income taxes to pay for it.


Here is why SB 704 is wrong.



Oregon is nation’s #4 highest income tax rates
— Tax Foundation, 2/21/23

Oregon is nation’s #1 highest marginal  effective tax rate for middle class
— (For families making $75,000)
— CNBC News 2/27/23




“Almost two-thirds of hospitals in Oregon lost money during the third quarter of 2022”
— KOIN TV 1/5/23

“St. Charles Health System cuts workforce by 181 positions”
— KTVC May 18, 2022

Legacy Birth Center & Springfield Birth Center now closed
— Portland Business Journal, 1/30/23,
— KLCC 8/13/19


Oregon’s over-taxation is one reason why families with children are leaving the State and causing a population decline. Over-taxation and over-regulation is also why Oregon’s hospitals are at risk. Adding more taxes to an over-taxed people and over-taxed health system is a recipe for a predictable disaster.

If Oregon wishes to expand health care coverage it should reduce taxes so families have more of their own money to pay for the health plans of their choosing. Oregonians themselves are the best deciders of their own health choices and the more we can empower them with their own resources (through lower taxes) the better their health and the health of our hospitals will be.


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