Lars Larson: Our schools make same mistake behind Denver shooting

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Northwest leaders should pay close attention to how America’s latest school shooting in Denver happened…because we’re making the same mistakes here.

First, East High School KNEW Austin Lyle was dangerous.

The schools insisted on a physical search of the 17 year-old every day he came to class. He had just undergone one of those searches when he pulled out a pistol and gunned down two staff members before he fled and apparently killed himself.

Let’s just agree any kid so dangerous he has to be patted down daily should not be in any conventional school.

I’m willing to bet Northwest schools have some of the same ticking time bombs attending class with your kids right now. Of course, school administrators and board members won’t come on my talk show to answer that question. That’s my best indication they’re being foolish…when they won’t talk.

Second, Denver got rid of its resource officers just as schools in Northwest did…following that politically correct nonsense about defunding the police.

That’s dumb and dangerous.

Hey parents, does PC matter more than the safety of your sons and daughters?

Third, the Schools in Denver are gun-free zones. Studies by the Crime Prevention Research center show more than 90 percent of mass shootings in America the last 30 years happen in gun-free zones.

Oregon had concealed-carry friendly schools for almost forty years without problems. But 2nd Amendment hating liberals ended that last year.

We can make the same mistakes…or we can fix the problem.

And it’s time for citizens to say so.