Small shop hit by naked vagrants, fires, break-ins

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A Portland consignment shop, Heart’s Decor, has been repeatedly hit by vandals and vagrants.  The common theme seems to be half-naked people, drug addicts, human waste , people setting fires and break-ins.

KATU reports, “…a naked woman who refused to leave. “She said, ‘Don’t you come close to me! I’m going to slit your throat,'” Martell said.  She also described an attack that left her daughter bloodied just a few days before Christmas. “I asked him; ‘please pull his pants up.’ Well, that started the whole thing,” said Martell. “He grabbed me, threw me down, and then he assaulted Lacey and punched her right in the face.” Martell says Lacey ended up in the emergency room getting stitches. She blames most of the crime on homeless people living in tents and vehicles around her consignment shop.”The other day, one guy was out there peeing in the street, facing right towards us, and we had a little gal here,” said Martell. “Not a care in the world… building fires out there, garbage everywhere.”

If you want to know how pervasive the problem of naked people roaming Portland, consider this panel we produced showing four incidences of in Portland in just 30 days.


The business owner as described faced problems of garbage.  Here is an example from this month of the garbage pilling up under a bridge where the homeless bore a hole through a concrete wall.



Don’t worry, the politicians have it all under control, as seen by this Eugene “no camping” sign.



The business suffered from broken windows.  Here was Portland City Hall last year.  They too, had broken window problems.



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