Rash of hostile naked people plague Portland as Gov’t delays treatment

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

At the same time the Twitter site @WTFPORTLAND showcases four examples (during a 30 day period) of belligerent naked people causing problems in Portland, the State issues a report detailing that $270 million of drug treatment funds approved by voters with Measure 110 have been stuck in bureaucratic delays and logjams.

The State was QUICK to decriminalize heroin, cocaine and meth but SLOW to implement the treatment programs associated with the decriminalization.

At the same time hard drugs were decriminalized, Portland defunded police by $12 million and cut 100 police positions.

The combination of of (1) decriminalization (2) No treatment (3) less police are these examples of troubled souls walking the streets of Portland and having confrontations with police and the public.

Those were just the naked examples. There is a steady stream of violent ones during the same period.

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