Democrat lawmakers: Bipartisan "No Toll" bill

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Senator Dan Meek (D), Representative Janelle Bynum (D), Senator Dan Bonham (R), Representative James Hieb (R) and State Representative Courtney Neron (D) are the chief sponsors to SB 993 which would ban tolling along Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 as ODOT has planned. It would however allow tolling along the Columbia River bridge.

SB 993 reads Prohibits Oregon Transportation Commission from establishing toll on Interstate 205 or Interstate 5. Provides exception for tolls on Interstate 5 bridges that cross Columbia River. Directs Department of Transportation to conduct analysis of alternative funding sources for specified bridge projects. Sunsets report January 2, 2024. Declares emergency, effective on passage

Currently, ODOT is planning nearly a half dozen tolls in the region as a way to raise a half billion dollars to cover their self-described budget shortfall (despite record state government revenue).

Less than a year away from the first toll to be erected, ODOT has failed to finalize where the tolls will be and how much they will cost drivers.  Some estimate it it will cost drivers as much as $8.00 a day or $2,000 a year in tolling costs.    It looks like drivers might not know how much it will cost until the last minute.

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