Lars Larson: 3 Strikes by criminal justice system

By Lars Larson,
NW and national radio host

Do you trust the courts and the cops and the Judges?

Based on the case of three time accused killer Kirkland Warren, you should not.

Should we count the missed opportunities to stop this guy?

Accused of one murder six years ago in Arkansas, he’s allowed to bail out for less than the cost of a good used car. MISS #1

Then prosecutors and a Judge let him move 2 thousand miles away to Clark County, Washington. MISS #2

Police arrested him in Vancouver for assaulting his girlfriend and drive-by shots fired into her apartment. Did that finally keep him in custody?

I’d love to ask the idiot Judge with an already accused killer standing in front of him…now accused of new violent crimes and still let him bond out of jail again.


He’s last seen in his car with his ex-girlfriend and a witness tells police Meshay Melendez was “unresponsive and naked from the waist down”.

A few days later, Melendez and her 7 year old daughter are found dead, their bodies dumped in the brush.

We are told by liberals that in Washington state all accused criminals get out of jail, until they’re accused of murder.

The system let Kirkland Warren get all the way to that place…leaving three dead bodies in his wake.