HB 3501 creates right for homeless to trespass

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

HB 3501 lets homeless have “a privacy interest and a reasonable expectation of privacy in any property belonging to the person, REGARDLESS of whether the property is located in a public space” (caps emphasize ours)

Hb 3501 has a public hearing May 4th in the House Committee On Housing and Homelessness.

Allowing homeless right to trespass has caused this problem in Portland.

Avis Reddaway, an “ignored business owner” submitted this early testimony on HB 3501 in opposition, “Unless and until you WALK the streets of Salem and talk to actual business owners, you will not understand how Measure 110 and other like measures actually impact the business people as well as home owners. Putting more options on “the books” with no consequences WITH TEETH, does NOT fix any of the problems Oregon tax payer/ business owners face on a daily basis.”

Homeless in Portland bore holes into concrete walls.

Portland homeless woman quote.


Call your lawmaker to oppose Hb 3501.


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