Tax $$ to promote private alcohol brands? (corporate welfare)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek is seeking to double the liquor surtax in Oregon.  Some Oregon distilleries want to use this liquor tax to create a slush fund where they can do advertising around the world to promote their products.  This is not the proper use of tax dollars.  This would mean that one whiskey maker would paying a tax for the advertisement for their competitor’s whisky maker.

OPB reports, “Oregon’s distilleries, the makers of the state’s whiskey, gin, vodka and rum, are asking for lawmakers’ help to establish their own independent board to promote their products. ..Oregon’s distilleries are asking for legislative approval to establish an independent Oregon Spirits Board to promote hard liquor made in Oregon to other states and internationally.”

Our tax dollars should not be used to promote private companies.

Already our tax dollars are being spent to give economic aid dollars to marijuana stores in Portland.

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