Occupy Hypocrisy: Michael Moore visits Portland

by NW Spotlight

Criticism of the filmmaker’s hypocrisy is not limited to conservatives

Filmmaker Michael Moore visited Portland yesterday as part of a book tour. While in Portland, Moore spoke to the Occupy Portland protesters.

Willamette Week noted that Moore was a “1 percenter”, and that he was an hour and a half late getting to speak to the protesters. Moore himself has admitted he’s a 1 percenter.

NewsBusters reported that Portland’s own Daylight Disinfectant asked Moore some tough questions, which Moore ignored: “An Occupy Portland participant asked Moore if the richest 400 people in the country could “give back” $1 million each. The hypocritical flimmaker repeated the question saying it was a good idea. A reporter for the Oregon based website Daylight Disinfectant shouted out, “How about a million of your 50 million?” Moore declined to answer.

A writer on left-leaning MEDIAite wrote that they wished Daylight Disinfectant had asked “Moore about his use of non-union workers on his Capitalism: A Love Story“.

The Portland Mercury noted that Moore “swept off into a black SUV”.