Citizens score win on tolling

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

We accurately predicted last week that tolling may be delayed.

KATU-TV now reports, “Tolling will not start in parts of Clackamas County until at least 2026, as opposed to next year. Gov. Tina Kotek made the decision on Tuesday to delay the Oregon Department of Transportation’s toll program.ODOT proposed tolls for the Tualatin River Bridge as well as the Abernethy Bridge, with the goal of making the Abernethy Bridge earthquake safe, while adding lanes to Interstate 205.Now, lawmakers in Salem are forming a new transportation subcommittee, focused specifically on concerns around tolling for I-205.”

The fact that this tolling project is being delayed is a sign that widespread citizen input is having an effect.  We are hearing the same from lawmakers inside the Capitol.

We previously reported:

“The citizen backlash against tolling has been steady and unyielding, despite many full page ads and other advertisement campaigns by ODOT to sell the plan to the public.For instance, this full-page advertisement by ODOT only lists the benefits of tolling and doesn’t even bother to mention how much it will cost or how many tolling stations they plan to erect and where they would be.

The fact that key details are still not finalized, and yet they plan to start next year, is also a troubling sign.The tolls may cost drivers as little as $2.00 each to as high as $8.00 each depending on the vehicle and time of day and final estimate.  Because they may erect nearly a dozen tolls, people may have to pay two tolls on their way to work, and the same two tolls back home.The Taxpayers Association of Oregon has sent out 16,000 postcard alerts asking people to share their feedback on tolling.”

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