Kotek mansion gets natural gas fix while denying others

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Lars Larson announced last Friday that the State of Oregon is planning to spend $308,000 to make energy upgrades to Oregon Governor’s mansion Mahonia Hall.   This includes a massive natural gas generator to use in case of an electrical blackout — a very blackout that officials say will be more common. This comes at a time when Kotek and the environmentalist cheer Eugene ban extending natural gas to new home construction.  Milwaukie may follow suit.

The project also includes a propane generator as a third energy back-up.  This means the politicians REALLY BELIEVE that blackouts are coming.  In fact, in today’s Wall Street Journal the Editorial Board warns of coming blackouts to America.

People in Eugene need access to natural gas as back-up for their medical devices at home.  Others need it to keep from freezing during a severe winter blackout.

The Kotek way: Do as I say, not as I do.

Here is Kotek who ignored Covid mask rules that all Oregonians had to follow.


Here is Kotek deciding to delay an investigation that involves her office.   Kotek abused her office in order to protect it.




Oregon Catalyst previous reported that Kotek refuses to return a scandal-tied donation that defrauded teacher pension funds.  

Kotek acts above the law.



Here is the headline from the Wall Street Journal warning of more blackouts for America.  Politicians get to be prepared, but ordinary citizens in someplaces will not be.



also note, Kotek’s famous carbon tax bill would have spiked natural gas prices.

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