5 telling signs about this closed gym

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

#1. A locally-owned success story: This now-closed gym on SE Stark Street in Portland was a local business success story that had been in business since 1977.  Many of Portland’s most celebrated local business champions are facing troubles they can’t endure.  (See also Portland’s Hot Lips pizza rollback, Green Zebra grocery, etc..)

#2. Oregon’s vanishing youth:  Most of the gym’s patrons were older, which reflects Oregon’s population decline – a shrinking population of youths and young families.   You can’t have a thriving gym with declining young communities.   That’s why David’s Bridal closed all their Oregon stores.

#3. Covid rules hurt gyms harder:  Most gyms are nearly 30% down from the pandemic.  Since Oregon had Covid shutdowns and mask rules nearly a year longer than other states,  our gyms suffered longer and deeper than other states.   The longer the rules stood, the more people permanently changed their behavior of not returning.

#4. Tax overload: During the pandemic, Metro passed a heavy business tax, Multnomah County passed a heavy income tax, Portland passed a hefty gas tax, and several districts passed multiple property tax increases.   Gyms, like this one, faced fewer customers but more taxes.

#5. Crime: The boarded up windows reflect that a closed business must build huge barriers to stop criminals from trespassing.   Also, notice that graffiti has already been painted over the boarded up windows.

These closed businesses are telling a more tragic story.  Politicians should listen.

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