David’s Bridals closing … as Oregon young women vanish

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


As heralded in recent headlines, Oregon is losing thousands of citizens, at a level not seen in decades.

The people leaving Oregon the most are younger citizens and young families with children.   Their exodus is somewhat missed from the population loss headlines because Oregon does bring in new people to replace those leaving.   The people migrating into Oregon are people escaping California — but these lean towards older retired individuals.   This means Oregon is not only losing population, but within the existing population it is becoming more older and less young.  If it continues this way it will eventually create a punishing doom spiral downward.   Consider Japan, where deaths exceeded births for the 16th straight year.   As a result, their economy has been under-performing for nearly two decades.

This week David’s Bridal is announcing that it will likely close all of its Oregon stores.

You can’t have a booming bridal business with decreasing brides and increasing tax rates (of which Oregon is now among the most taxed places in North America).


This is why Cracker Barrel is closing most Oregon stores because they are a family restaurant and they need more families — and a better economy.


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