Rep. Bentz cheers F-35A fighters coming to Oregon (video)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz (R-OR) announced that the U.S. Air Force has selected the Oregon Air National Guard’s 173rd Fighter Wing to host the next F-35A Lightning II training squadron.


The National Guard reported the Air Force chose the Oregon Air National Guard’s Kingsley Field, located in Klamath Falls, for it’s “vast airspace, culture of excellence and unprecedented community support,” according to Col. Lee Bouma, 173rd Fighter Wing commander. “We have been in the training business since 1983 – producing the best fighter pilots in the world for the U.S Air Force.  Team Kingsley’s ‘No Slack’ attitude and commitment to excellence is a key factor in this decision.”

The F-35A is the latest fifth-generation fighter that can fly at a blazing Mach 1.6 or ~1,200 mph.

It will replace the U.S.’s aging fleet and according to the Air Force, “provide next-generation stealth, enhanced situational awareness, and reduced vulnerability for the United States and allied nations….The F-35A is an agile, versatile, high-performance, 9G capable multirole fighter that combines stealth, sensor fusion and unprecedented situational awareness.  The jet’s helmet mounted display system is the most advanced system of its kind.  All the intelligence and targeting information on F-35 pilot needs to complete the mission is displayed on the helmet’s visor.

To host this mission the base will need some remodeling and construction. We hope this has a positive economic impact on businesses in the Klamath Falls area.

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