Senate Pres. slaps fines during walk-out protest

By Oregon Senate Republican Leader Press Release,

President Wagner Intends to Impose $325 Fine Each Day Senators Exercise Their Constitutional Right to Protest

SALEM, Ore. – Senate President Rob Wagner announced on the Senate Floor today that he would compel the attendance of absent members and impose a fine of $325 per day beginning Monday June 5th, 2023.

Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend) released the following statement:

“One thing remains clear: President Wagner is insistent on facilitating an unlawful, uncompromising, unconstitutional agenda. Once again, he has retaliated against members who are exercising their right to peacefully protest his own unlawful, hyper-partisan actions.

“Senate Republicans don’t feel compelled to entertain his political theater. In fact, we suggest President Wagner pay our fines since it is his behavior that galvanized our protest.
“If Democrats want us to provide a quorum before June 25th, they must agree to follow Senate Rules, follow the law, and work to put forward constitutional, bipartisan bills that don’t violate a parents’ sacred right to love and care for their child. Senate Republicans will not be bullied into allowing the lawlessness to continue.”