Kotek follows Brown: Go-at-it-alone, shun bipartisan unity

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

One of Oregon Governor Tina Kotek’s most common campaign advertisement last year was her touting that she was the candidate who could be the most “effective” at getting things done.

Kotek has not been “decisive” nor “effective”.

Outside of directing where some money should go (as Oregon experiences record breaking revenue flooding state coffers) Governor Kotek has done very little all year.

Republican Senators and Independent Party Senators have staged a protest walk-out.

One of the key issues they raise is that Oregon is violating the law by not making bills readable to the public.  The law states that Legislative bill summaries must be readable at an 8th grade level.  When bill summaries are difficult to read, politicians are better able to hide legislation.   The Oregon Senate President, Rob Wagner, is fully committed to keeping the public in the dark by blocking readability to voters.

So far, the politicians in power refuse to compromise on the simple issue of following the law of readability and in following basic transparency guidelines.

Governor Kotek met with Republican Senators over the impasse, refused to budge, and came away complaining to the media over the meeting.   How unprofessional and undiplomatic of the State’s highest officer holder.   The key tenet of diplomacy is that after you hold talks among conflicting parties you try to create some sort of progress even if no achievement was initially reached.

Governor Kotek doesn’t feel the need to compromise, negotiate or even work with Independent Party and Republican Party members who represent the minority.  Kotek is simply following the model of former Governor Kate Brown who rarely worked with anyone else.   The entire pandemic exercise by Kate Brown was a display in do-it-alone governing.   This is exactly what Kotek is doing.

Here is more examples of Governor Brown’s go-at-it-alone governing.

Oregonians deserve better.

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