Union vs. Dem Lawmaker in recall battle

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 has raised $100,000 to target Oregon State Representative Paul Holvey a Democrat from the Eugene area.  Holvey is known as a strong union supporter in the past but has sparked their ire in 2023.  Roughly 16 Oregon Senate Democrats sent a letter asking the Union to reconsider.

OPB reports, “…the union’s president, Dan Clay, went further. He laid out years’ worth of grievances his tens of thousands of members have with state policymakers — from a decision not to prioritize grocery workers for COVID-19 vaccines, to how the state chose to distribute pandemic relief money, to the death of the union’s priority bill this year.The union is so disillusioned, Clay wrote, that it is likely to abandon the statehouse altogether in coming years, pushing ballot measures instead of bills.“It is clear that we cannot bank on the Legislative Assembly at large to have the best interests of our members at heart — to say nothing of the fact that the Legislature cannot even say with certainty whether it will be functioning in the foreseeable future!” Clay wrote, in a nod to an ongoing Republican walkout in the Senate.”

There has also been conflict over unionization of cannabis employees:

KPTV reports, “The union is trying to make the case that he turned his back on working people. They point to his failure to support House Bill 3183, which would block cannabis employers from interfering with employee efforts to unionize. Holvey said he had questions about whether that bill was legal. FOX 12 reached out to Holvey for comment. He provided the following statement:“It’s quite surprising that UFCW Local 555 would take such retaliatory action over a bill that failed; especially a bill that most people with knowledge of labor law would agree is preempted by the National Labor Relations Act and federal law. It would be a disservice to the people of Oregon or union members to advance such a questionable proposal and likely put the state in costly litigation. Their insinuation of any connection to my involvement with the bill’s outcome and La Mota is offensive, totally without merit, and unethical. At the end of the day, I felt it would be irresponsible to pass a bill that our legal counsel advises is preempted by federal law. In my opinion UFCW would better serve their membership by spending their resources on actually organizing workers.”

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