Capitol: Talks very close for Session to resume

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Reports from Capitol insiders are sharing that negotiations between Democrat and Republican/Independent lawmakers to end the historic long walk-out protest are looking promising.   There is a feeling among people who work and lobby in the Capitol that this will indeed happen and a deal will be reached.   A bipartisan compromise plan was shared with the four major caucuses last night.

KATU-TV reports that the suspending of walk-out fines has been a good sign, “On Monday, Senate President Rob Wagner (D-Lake Oswego) did not take roll on the Senate floor, thus preventing further fines from being imposed on absent Republican Senators.Both parties have been tight-lipped about negotiations, but multiple sources on both sides say amendments to both House Bills 2002 and 2005 are likely. It’s something that from day one the Democratic leadership, including former speaker of the House and current Governor Tina Kotek, has said would not happen.”

OPB reports, “Top lawmakers appeared to near a deal over the weekend to end a weeks-long standoff threatening to scuttle hundreds of bills remaining in Oregon’s legislative session. While stressing that any agreement would still need to be approved by rank-and-file lawmakers — not a sure thing — three people briefed on the matter said a framework hammered out over the course of 10 hours of negotiations includes major concessions by Democrats on bills creating new abortion protections and gun restrictions.”

In addition to Republican and Independent Party Senators opposing certain bills, there is criticisms by these Senators over the Legislature violating readability rules over Legislation as well as holding hearings on bills where the public is blocked or severely limited from participating.  Transparency in the bill-making process has been a big priority for the Senate Republican/Independent Senators.

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